Hello, my name is Paul and today, Sunday November 15th, is my third year anniversary of total sobriety or what I have decided to now call "Unconditional Recovery."  I cannot begin this blog without first acknowledging and giving thanks to the many people I owe this celebration to. First and foremost my heartfelt thankfulness goes out to my wife who stood by me during the darkest hours of my/our life and had the strength and courage to see beyond my immediate illness and cast her faith to the future. I simply could not have done this without her continued love and encouragement.
I am also so very grateful to family, friends and coworkers who openly embraced my new sober life and allowed themselves to see me in a new light. And, my journey back from depression and alcoholism would never have been possible without the patience and devotion of my personal therapist who exhibited such remarkable determination while urging me to get the help I so desperately needed and continued to work with me to understand the underneath causes behind my addictive behavior. 

And, then there were the wonderful doctors, nurses and counselors who nursed me back to stable health at the hospital before entering IOP and Continuing Care at a Kolmac Clinic.  My gratitude to the staff and counselors at Kolmac will never be forgotten. And, finally, last but definitely not least, I want to give thanks to the many wonderful people in recovery I have crossed paths with over the years. We have and will continue to share our intimate struggles and our profound successes as we continue on our pathways, free from addiction and alcoholism, one day at a time.  

I have learned that life is so much about sharing and giving, and asking for help when in need and giving back to others and the world we live in.  Addiction to any substance is an insidious affliction and often, even in this day and age, misunderstood.  Addiction becomes an all-encompassing destructive lifestyle (or deathstyle) filled with torment, helplessness and blind selfishness. And, this disease crosses all boundaries of life - age, race, sex, religion, economic and educational status. And, its prevalence in the world today is unfathomable.

Whether you are beginning your first 24 hours into recovery or your first days and weeks of white-knuckling your way through each minute and hour, this blog is devoted to helping you in some small way.  And, for those who wish to continue on their journey of Unconditional Recovery, this web site may serve as a positive adjunct to continuing your healthy and free life. 



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