I have noticed during group recovery meetings over the years, a very pronounced and similar pattern with people during their check-in round. This is that period, usually at the beginning of a meeting where people spend a few minutes discussing his or her previous week and their current recovery status. Often someone will start-off by saying that they really do not have much to say…the week was good…but, that is about it, I just do not have much to share right now.

We all know that it is sometimes challenging to open up to others in a group setting and share their inner thoughts and feelings, even when we are very familiar with the other people within the group. This is just human nature and part of the recovery process. I would have to say that nine times out of ten, when a person says that they really do not have much to convey, they end up saying quite a lot, if just given the opportunity.  For starters, this clearly shows there is so much a person can share with the group - it just takes a moment to feel safe enough to speak to others about their feelings and experiences.

Once a person opens up and shares with an empathetic and caring group of people, they feel better and will often say that it did them so much good to talk about their past week, their feelings, the urges or no urges, things that occurred at home or at the workplace, and their overall recovery progress. This vocal participation with trusting others allows a person to sort out their thoughts and emotions and integrate it with their own mind and the outer world. This important and vital intimacy is healing to not only the person who shares but also to everyone in the group.

Participation in a group is not only essential to recovery but also maintaining a clean and sober life. The fellowship shared in any recovery group is healthy and enriching. Recovery is not just about giving up an addictive substance and staying away from using it again. It is really more about self-discovery and practicing a progressive and nurturing life-style. Our attendance, our sharing not only assists ourselves, but others. It is time very well spent. Quite simply, these recovery groups are enjoyable and fun. Just search out and discover the one that is right for you. Till next time….share, listen and heal.



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